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My Art is a therapeutic solution that restores balance and serenity to my life in a world that is complicated, fast moving and short term oriented.


Born in New York in the sixties, Scott Thomas Duffy displayed artistic talent at a young age, but neglected its development while he pursued other interests. A serious surfing accident at the age of sixteen severed his spinal chord, rendering him quadriplegic with limited arm movement and complete paralysis of his hands.  This unfortunate accident caused his life to turn in a different direction and he pursued his artistic talents.  After many years of involvement in web design and portrait drawing he decided, in 2014, to focus full time on a series of acrylic paintings he calls, Project “A” to “Z”.

Project “A” to “Z”

This project will ultimately produce a series of twenty-six original paintings, each consisting of items  within an alphabetical letter’s category.  They demonstrate a multifaceted concept of  simplicity, organization and overload, all at once.  The simplicity of this idea makes participation by people, even children, easy.  People eagerly get involved in the recognition and pointing out of familiar items, within a painting, that are attributable to each letter.

You are invited to visit Scott’s website to view the progress of this project as he uploads photos of completed paintings approximately every three months.  Follow him on Twitter for notification of completed paintings, and feel free to leave a comment or tell a friend about his work.

Phone – 631-880-5966

Email – artistscottduffy@icloud.com

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